Tesunho Walkie talkie Supply Ability Under Corona Virus

Under influence of Corona Virus to the whole China since end of January, there are many factories which can not reopen smoothly until today, due to their lack of worker, medical precaution resource, or abnormal supply chain. 

Tesunho walkie talkie Team Ranked Top 1 by the third party statistics for data from Jan to Feb.. Actually, we are always scored by clients 5 stars at "On-time Shipment". Behind this achievement, Tesunho Team did a lot of work on supply chain, workers return, new member recruitment and preparation for precautions resources. We are a reliable supplier of walkie talkie products with rapid reaction on emergency. 

Coming soon, will be our products video introduction to help you learn their performance, appearance, standard package, functions. Please refer to our product link:http://www.tesunho.com/products.html