Top5 kept on B2B platform in walkie talkie catalog

Working hard to help Customers by providing personal care material and prepare a copied prevention manual to fight against COVID-19, Tesunho Walkie talkie kept Top 5 on B2B platform in Mobile phone and accessories catalog. ( On B2B platform, the Mobile phone and accessories is the second grade catalog, while Walkie talkie is a smaller industries which is rated in the fourth grade catalog) 

top 5 tesunho walkie talkie.png

Until 24th March, the orders on were contributed by North American 33%,EU Top7 countries 15%,ASEAN Top4 counties 5%,India 3%,other countries 44%. Products made in China rely on the global consumption, on the other hand, products made in China support the world's normal life, including business life and daily life. Either at the stage when China met COVID-19 or the stage when other countries over the world is meeting COVID-19, Tesunho believes all parites should throw conflicts on politics or economy to work together for a better global future. Health of all human being is the common benefit. 

Take the advantage of our resources, Tesunho can ensure your personal care mask supply. We sincerely welcome you to ask for masks if in need.