Top Brands On Global Sources Award To Tesunho

Tesunho TESUNHO LOGO配500ali主图won the Top Brands Award from Global Sources on 31st Oct. 2018.  We were listed at Number 2. It can be  easily found the list by checking  (click the following picture will pop out the window for the page.)

global sources top brands

It is a great event which encourages the whole Tesunho team to march forward with its firm enterprise spirit. 

After the news, with a grateful heart, we organized a meeting immediately to conclude all our advantages to earn this great reputation. With the evaluation standards from Global Sources, we concluded the following keys:

  1. Insist on "Credibility and Integrity" to realize customer's benefit

  2. Rely on own R&D achievement based on customer's market demand

  3. Believe in Global Sources with similar principle of "cater for B2B customers" and follow its dynamic policy to catch more exposure

To be a reliable Top Brands, Tesunho walkie talkie will devote itself to provide oversea partners and end users more and more reliable product, better and better service. We are open minded to all suggestions on improving our radios and services. Although your ideas or suggestions might not be adopted immediately, they will be sorted at once and feedbacked step by step at a right timing.

supplier data

As the above searching result shown,  there are 105 walkie talkie suppliers on Global Sources website. And the number of suppliers who also attend Global Sources Consumer Electronics Expo is 52. At the Expo which closed on 14th Oct., 2018, there were 44 boothes for walkie talkie industry. To be outstanding from the 105 walkie talkie supplier, Tesunho's product innovation counted. We are the pioneer of PoC two way radio. We are the positive participant on R&D for PoC module. We are the only supplier who just focusing on PoC product series. Our brand listed due to our contribution and good reputation on PoC products.

We know there is still a long way for Tesunho to run to catch the leading suppliers who had been in walkie talkie oversea market for more than 20 years. Their advantages are Tesunho's learning direction. We are always on the way to be better.