How to Buy Walkie Talkie

Two-way radio is portable communication toolconsisting of low-level radio transmitters and receivers. Two-way radio makes the users have aconversation with other similar radios operating on the same r...

Tesunho Social Responsibility To Support To-be-graduates' Field Learning

As a socail responsible company, Tesunho Electronics positively participant in Campus Recruitment every year to help the going-to-graduate students get training chance from a reality working environme...

PMRexpo 2018 Invitation from Tesunho Electronics

PMRExpo 2018 Invitation From Tesunho ElectronicsSee you at the show!

Top Brands On Global Sources Award To Tesunho

Tesunho won the Top Brands Award from Global Sources on 31st Oct. 2018. We were listed at Number 2. It can be easily found the list by checking