Non Medical Mask Supported to Regular Customers from Tesunho Walkie Talkie

Corona Virus is ruthless, but Tesunho Walkie talkie team is sentient. In order to help regular customers to safely pass the Coronavirus peroid, Tesunho walkie talkie supplies free non-medical CE standard Mask to you. 

The masks are strictly purchased from registered leagal mask factory. The mask itself has been approved by CE. As daily protection, it is qualified. 

mask factory registration.jpg

mask ce and detail.jpg

Mask is needed only for environment where many people gether together. According to Chinese successful experience on beating the virus and stopping its spreading, avoid unnecessary outdoor activity to reduce person-to-person close contact is very critical. 

A disposable mask  is encouraged to be used for several times with 75% alcoholic spray. On the other hand, it was reported to use hairdryer to heat it for 30 minutes can kill the virus on mask surface.   Mask production can not run as quickly as its consumption at this special moment. The 2 Backup methods might be helpful. What's more, any disposable product will be a burden to the Earth Mother. Whatever methods which can help to reduce this burden should be respected and shared.

Please contact with us if we can help you. May you all and your family health and safety in the coming years!