Tesunho PoC Radio Q&A

Q:How to make POC Radio work?

A: 3 Steps

1) Create account on your own management platform.

2) Program radio with platform account, SIM Card APN

3) Insert SIM Card to realize unlimited talking range communication, group call, private call ……

Q:How to program radio?

A: Will offer programming software, programming cable and guide video after samples.

Q:Is there a platform used for setting up Group Call and Private Call ?A: Yes. Have a web management platform for you to create group/ accounts, manage these account ids, audios,etc.Clients can change platform login password by themselves.  No one else knows your platform login password. And the platform is SHA1 and DES encryption to ensure safety.

Q: Do two-way radios have GPS? Can a walkie-talkie track your location?

A: Yes, you can track the radio location on dispatcher.

Q:Do you have product support LTE?

A: Yes,all Tesunho PoC radios support 4G LTE network.

Q: Does Walkie-talkie work on WIFI?

A: Yes, Android based walkie talkie can work with WIFI. Tesunho developed the first Linux wifi PoC radio. Please contact us for details.

Q: Whether I can use mobile SIM Data card from China for PoC Radio.  

A: It's same as your mobile phone SIM Card, need to buy from local operator.

Q: How many Mega Byte od data needed for one month operation?A: It is 2.88M per hour (0.8192KB /S) for unstopping communication, It is 0.06M on the standby mode per day.Most of customers use 300M per month,It can support 3 to 4 hours for unstopping communication every day.How much data is according to customers groups.May i know what is your customers group,taxi dispatching ,logistic distribution, or other field?

Q: What dose the SOS button do on a walkie talkie?A: This feature allows user to quickly send out a distress signal to group members and dispatcher in case of an accident or other emergency.

Q:Why most of Tesunho PoC radios are Linux based?A: Because webelieve that two way radio is an emergency product which require its stability and reliability to be the first place. For Linux system, the module bound with PTT platform to make sure theradio's stability.

Q:What accessories are available for the walkie talkies?A: Thestandard packing include radio main unit, antenna, battery, belt clip, charger cradle and adapter. And other optional accessories,likehand microphone,earphone,battery eliminator,speaker, 6-way charger, desktop Microphone,carry case ……

Q: Do u ever plan to include a uhf radio into the radio so if no gsm network then normal vhf/ uhf funtion available?A: Yes,Tesunho TH680 TM990D TM990DD are dual mode models that combined Analog/DMR & LTE/WCDMA in one piece.

Q: Can the startup picture be replaced by our own?

A: The startup picture can be changed by bin file. Need MOQ to ODM. 

Q:Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are professional design based two way communication manufacturer.

Q: When was your company established?A: Our company was established in 2006, Tesunho Electronics was born at the stage when there was no awareness to PoC walkie talkie, aiming to lead new technology to improve communication experience with "networked, intelligent and digitalized" features.

Q:Do your products have certificates?

A:Tesunhoproducts have CE, FCC, IC certificates

Q: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?

A: Yes, but we offer the sample for charge.

Q:What is your MOQ?A: 2pcs for normal stock; different quantities for OEM or ODM,which is determined by different task workload. Kindly contact us for more information.

Q:How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it 2-3 days if the radios are in stock. Or it is 7-10 days if the radios are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q:What is your payment terms?

A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

Walkie Talkie Q&A

Q: What is the most powerful 2 way radio? What is the longest range walkie-talkie?

A: If you're looking for long range 2way radio such as 50km,100km, 500km or over 1000km radio. PoC Radio is the best choice. PoC radio also called as SIM Card Radio, IP Radio, PTToC. Its talking range is all over the world. 

Q: What is PoC radio?What is PoC two-way radio?What is LTE PoC? What is PoC communication?What is PoC walkie-talkie?What is PoC network radio? What is IP walkie-talkie?What is two-way radio IP?What is an LTE radio? What is 4G Network Radio? What is a network two-way radio? What is network walkie-talkie? What is public network intercom?What is internet walkie-talkie?What is World Wide radio?What is RoIP radio over IP?

A: PoC radio short for push to talk over cellular, also known as PTToC, IP radio, network radio, 4G/LTE radio. It is an instant communication device that based on the cellular network(GSM,WCDMA,4G,LTE,FDD). 

Its talking range is unlimited, can realize group call, private call, SOS, dispatcher tracking…….It is an international walkie-talkie.

Q:What is the advantage of PoC radio?

A: 1) The range is not limited

2) The manager can dispatch group members 

3) It can link with GPS and audio record, video will be available due to the development of 4G. In another word, its functions are more powerful and abundant.

4)It saves wave renewal cost. Its data costs is low, just 300MB-500MB a month is enough. 

5)It is more convenient for users to get IP radio. It does not need application, registration of wave before buying.

Q:What is the disadvantage of PoC radio?

A: PoC radios rely on cellular networks, which can be a disadvantage if network coverage is limited or if there is a network outage. 

Tesunho TH680 TM990D TM990D are designed to resolve this issue, these 3 models are dual mode PoC radios. If without the network, can switch to analog system quickly for emergency communication. Analog/DMR mode and Network Ip mode can work simultaneously. 

Q:How does IP radio/PoC Radio/Network Radio/PTT over cellular work? 

A: Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) provides communication services over 3G 4G WIFI. Only radios using same platform and in the same group can talk with each other, all call audios can also be encrypted, which is international standard encryption RSA/AES( AES256). 

Q: What is Wi-Fi radio? Can you get wifi walkie-talkies?

A: Wi-Fi powered walkie talkies most are Android based. Transmit using data packets over the web. Tesunho just launched the first Linux wifi PoC walkie talkie. 

Q:What is a real PTT account? What is a Zello radio? real ptt vs zello

A: 1) Flexible deployment server method

For now, Realptt have more than 100 servers hosted locally at IDC (Internet Data Center) facilities in the United States, Central America, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, England, Germany, etc.All servers are clustered, that is, if one server IP is broken,that radios will automatically connect to 99 other ip servers.

2) System stability and data consumption

Realptt platform (agent and enterprise platform, dispatcher) is built in radios modules, and Linux radio is using these modules to produce sim card PoC radios.Compared with Zello android radio, there are many apps can run on android radio, what's worse, android radio is easy to be interrupted by incoming call or message, so the Linux module radius is more stable.

Also, as many apps run on Android radio device, firstly the radio device will cost more data, secondly the standby hours will be shorter than module Linux radios, thirdly the radio Android has a large power consumption.

Q:Who manufactures PoC radio?

A: Tesunho Electronics Co., Ltd is the leading PoC IP Walkie Talkie supplier in China. We believe that the future for walkie talkie will be digitalized, networked, intelligentized. Our products are all designed on this trend.Focusing on PoC solution since 2014,17 models, Million-selling,52 new OEM partners in 44 countries & areas.The first one successfully tested integrated CDMA module chip. Got the right to participate in ZTE's WCDMA module R&D and improvement.Granted “POC Program Design Award based on LTE CAT1 ME3610” by ZTE Welink.

Q:What is the benefit of two-way radio?Why is a two-way radio more effective on site than a cell phone?

A:1) It is instant communication

2) It will not be interrupted because it has no calling function 

3) We must receive the message compulsively

4) The popular chat tools are just for chatting. The IP public network radio has other functions, like emergency alarm, monitor, dispatcher tracking …….

5) Management platform to improve work efficiency

Q:What's two way radio ? What's walkie talkie ?What is the difference between a walkie-talkie and a 2 way radio?

A: Two-way radio: a radio that can both receive and transmit radio signals. Walkie talkie: a handheld portable 2way radio. They're for instant communication with both a transmitter and broadcast receiver. Have three types : analog radio, digital radio and PoC Radio.

Q:What is mobile 2 way radio?What is a mobile radio used for?

A: Land Mobile Radio (LMR) is a vehicle 2-way radio. Usually mounted in car. Widely used in taxi, bus, transport company,logistics industry for instant communication.

Q:How Does Two-Way Radios Work?

A: Analog & DMR radio talks to each other with the same VHF/UHF frequency, have distanced limited. 

PoC Radio operation over the cellular network, it requires SIM Card data rather than wave. PoC Radios can realize worldwide communication. 

Q:Does walkie-talkie use SIM card?Do walkie-talkies work without internet?Can I use walkie talkie offline?

A: PoC Radio use SIM Card, work everywhere network covered. Traditional analog and digital radio work with VHF UHF frequency, do not need network. 

Q:What Frequencies Do Two-Way Radio Use?

A: Very High Frequency (VHF):30 MHz -300 MHz

Ultra-High Frequency (UHF): 300MHz -1 GHz

Commercial two-way VHF radios: 136MHz-174 MHz 

Commercial two-way UHF radios: 450MHz-512 MHz.

PoC Radio: LTE WCDMA GSM network bands

Q: What's the difference between UHF and VHF? Which is stronger VHF or UHF?

A: In open mountains and plains, it is recommended to use VHF band walkie-talkies, which can give full play to the long-distance transmission characteristics; in cities with dense buildings, it is recommended to use UHF band walkie-talkies.

Q: Can I change the frequencies on my 2 way radios?

A: Most commercial grade 2 way radios are programmable from a PC computer or through on board programming. You can not change from VHF to UHF but you can change frequencies within the frequency band of the radio.

Q:How far can a real walkie-talkie reach?

A: For PoC radios, work with SIM Card, talking range is all over the world. For traditional radios, the higher the output power the farther the talking distance. 5W walki-talki: about 1-2km in downtown, 3-5km in open area. 10w walkie-talkie:about 3-5km in downtown, 5-10km in open area. 25w mobile two-way radio: about 3-10km in downtown, 5-15km in open area. 25w mobile two way radio: about 5-15km in downtown, 10-25km in open area. 

Q: How many channels can a walkie-talkie have?

A: Different models have different channel capacity. Can be 16-199 channels. 

Q: Can different brand walkie-talkies communicate with each other?

A: Yes. PoC Radios in the same management platform and in the same group can talk with each other. For traditional radios, as long as they're set to the same frequency and squelch, they'll be able to communicate.

Q:Where are two-way radios used ?

A:Two way radios are widely used in Security, Construction, Industry, Commercial use, Army, Government, Outdoor adventure, Logistics,Taxi,Truck,Camping, Travelling, Big shopping mall, Big Hotel, Outdoor Events, etc.