Tesunho Walkie Talkie Ranked Top 5

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Alibaba March Expo is held every March. It was a festival to promote fast consumption goods, in our opinion. Tesunho walkie talkie did not join before. 

2020 is a special year which started from Corona Virus worldwidely. Online activity is definitely meaningful to show China is active and positive. It is hope and truth to break overbrown reports to China, which might be a drametial damage to Chinese economy. 

As a Chinese enterprise, we are proud of the actions which our government took to prevent the spread of the virus. It is not only aim for protecting Chinese, but also for human being, although it lead to economy retrogression. So Tesunho's attending Ali March Expo is a mission to tell the world that we are strongly and positively alive, rather than a promotion activity. 

Tesunho Walkie talkie ranked higher and higher week by week, thanks to the trust and support from our regular clients. On the other hand, visionary and intelligent partners agreed to prepare stock in advance. It helped us increase the voume. The walkie talkie industry is supported by the whole world supply chain. Materials which are produced by Japan, Korea, and United States might have a series of price adjustment due to lack of storage.

This is not a up-to-date news because Tesunho team spent all our times to work for personal care resources to help our clients this week when virus was reported to be widely spreaded at the beginning of this week. Luckily, Tesunho can help our family members. We hope we can grow stronger and help more and more people.