TH-282 Spainish & English Available

TH-282 4G is an economical item among Tesunho PoC walkie talkie. It has Spainish and English language for MENU. It is optional setting on the radio. It is a mini sized item with USB charging port on the radio. The USB charging type is Type C, which is more reliable and stable comparing to out-ot-time micro USB port. 


Tesunho walkie talkie is a manufacturer which pursues user-friendly operation for end users.  And it is 100% satisfied by a recent survey to our regular customers. TH-282 has at least 200 groups. Each group have 200 users capacity. Up and Down Key can help you to select users or groups.  Different groups can not talk to each other. A user can be set in different groups. The management platform has been proved stable by 7 years. 

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