Top5 kept on B2B platform in walkie talkie catalog

Working hard to help Customers by providing personal care material and prepare a copied prevention manual to fight against COVID-19, Tesunho Walkie talkie kept Top 5 on B2B platform in Mobile phone an...

Tesunho Walkie Talkie Ranked Top 5

This is not a up-to-date news because Tesunho team spent all our times to work for personal care resources to help our clients this week when virus was reported to be widely spreaded at the beginning of this week. Luckily, Tesunho can help our family members. We hope we can grow stronger and help more and more people.

Non Medical Mask Supported to Regular Customers from Tesunho Walkie Talkie

In order to help regular customers to safely pass the Coronavirus peroid, Tesunho walkie talkie supply free non-medical CE standard Mask.

IWCE 2020 Officailly Cancelled

International Wireless Communication ExpoTesunho PoC Walkie Talkie Walkie talkie supplier in China

Tesunho Walkie Talkie Keep Top Ranking

Keeping being Ranked, at the special moment when China is suffering Corona Virus, is our action to prove Tesunho walkie talkie production ability, emergency management ability, on-time shipment assurance as well as the financial healthy.

Tesunho Walkie talkie Supply Ability Under Corona Virus

Tesunho walkie talkie spare no efforts on reaction to Corona Virus to ensure all partners goods storage, on-time shipment, goods sanitary safety.