Tesunho Social Responsibility To Support To-be-graduates' Field Learning

As a socail responsible company, Tesunho Electronics positively participant in Campus Recruitment every year to help the going-to-graduate students get training chance from a reality working environment. We will join in the 14th Nov. Campus Recruitment in Liming University to hunt for sales, sales assistant, website operation.

Chinese education is trying to provide college students more and more chances of field learning before they graduate. It is good to help they start up a right attitude on jobs, prepare or enhance their working skill, decide their career. Although Chinese government are trying to do a lot of innovation to educate proper employee for the society, there is still some idealized weaknesses. A real time field learning opportunity  is very important.

Walkie talkie is one of the concentrated industry in Quanzhou. It plays an important role to global wireless communication market. Above 90% of walkie talkie manufacturer are in Quanzhou. Even the world's biggest walkie talkie supplier Hytera was also one of us. While not enough graduates are aware of this truth. Walkie talkie companies have difficulties to recruit proper employees comparing to the other industries in Quanzhou, like cloth, shoes and bags. 

Tesunho believes that the Campus Recruitment is an important occasion to expose this industry to the society and attract more and more attention from talents.

To be a qualified Sales, normally a green hand should learn from walkie talkie's basic concept, modulation, frequency, accessories, functions, operations. The second step will be a lot of real time field training from translation about email inquiry, technical claim, product data and documents filling. After the second step by passing examination, a green hand will get chance to deal with product publishing on line. This is the beginning. If you are interested to learn more from us and become a professional sales with a worldwide view, please contact us: [email protected]

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